Gabriele Porta | Pure Love

OPENING, FRIDAY 21 NOVEMBER 2014 H 6.00 - 9.00 PM

Federica Schiavo Gallery is delighted to present Pure Love, Gabriele Porta’s first solo show in Rome. The exhibition is built around three main themes: love, sex and death, within the artist develops a wide range of shades such as tenderness, pornography, the cult of dead.

In Porta’s work these issues present the eternal dualism between opposites that however do not entail a real contrast but a mutual completion and it leads to a new territory where the visitor will experience a continuous oscillation between pleasure and disgust.

The exhibition includes a video on a monitor, a video projection, a new series of paintings on board, prints and drawings on sandpaper.

The cornerstone of the exhibition – even though decentralized in the gallery’s space - is the connection of the video projection My Wedding Will Be A Funeral, a cruel amateur film shot in Kenya, to a series of works on paper whose lightness creates a powerful and disturbing contrast with the content of the video.

The show Pure Love is prohibited to minors under the age of 18.