Mastequoia *


The name Mastequoia, since 2004, appoints works produced by three authors together:

Carlo Gabriele Tribbioli, born in1982, lives and works in Rome. His practice is mainly project-oriented, developing from theoretical elements and researches, resulting in performances, installations and films.

Giacomo Sponzilli, born in 1982, lives and works in Tokyo. He's Phd candidate in Architecture at Kengo Kuma Laboratory, University of Tokyo.

Gabriele Silli, born in 1982, lives and works in Rome. Visual artist graduated in Philosophy, his practice has pictorial roots and moves even through sculpture and performance.

Selected solo exhibitions:
2014, Mastequoia op. 09-13. Rotterdam, Tokyo, Fès, screening at Federica Schiavo Gallery, Rome & Viafarini, Milan, Italy; 2013, Mastequoia op. 09-13. Rotterdam, Tokyo, Fès, screening at Lo schermo dell’arte Film Festival, Florence & Filmstudio, Rome, Italy; 2011, Forms of the Rock in a Night-Hymn #011, Galleria Otto Zoo, Milan, Italy.

Selected group exhibitions:
2009, Far From Where We Came, Aaran Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran; 2008, Pharaonesque, performance at V° Budapest Dance and Performance Festival, Hungary; 2006, Selvatici bipedi - Otho - Melnikov!, performance at Mastequoia Theatre, Rotterdam, The Netherlands; 2004, Scegliere un oggetto, scegliere una parola e raccontare perchè, Fondazione Baruchello, Rome, Italy; VII edizione del Festival Romapoesia, Rome, Italy.

2012, Premio Lo schermo dell’arte Film Festival 2012, Florence, Italy.